Alpaca Lifestyle

The Hatch family fell in love with the alpaca lifestyle 15 years ago, and their farm’s been growing ever since.

Imagine waking up to clean air and open space, working outdoors, and being home to greet your children after school. Imagine your own farm with acres of open green space, and the freedom of being your own boss. The alpaca lifestyle can mean many things, but these were some of the greatest benefits for the Hatch family.

For Jody Hatch, the alpaca lifestyle meant living a country lifestyle and creating income while maintaining a flexible work schedule.  It allowed her to create a ‘work from home’ position – she could be at home with her boys all while incorporating things that she loves. Country living, animals, outdoor work, research, and business development are all elements of her everyday life as an alpaca farmer. It’s the best of so many worlds!

If you’re considering an alpaca lifestyle, or you need help making your farm run even better, give us a call. We love our work, but we also recognize that alpaca farming isn’t all fun and games – it’s hard work! 

We’re here for you with our shearing and farm consulting services, so you can enjoy as many of the benefits as possible. And if you’re looking into growing your farm’s sustainability through culling, find out more about our subsidiary Bridgeway Alpaca Co.