IMG_6567-225x300A new year has begun. Resolutions to do things differently. We say it. We mean it. Do we do it? Change is inevitable but is it the change we are longing for? I will be the 1st to admit that when I decide there needs to be a change of any sort I want it to be immediate…meaning changed yesterday. The idea of change, especially when we are thinking how that change will improve our life, is like a dream in the sky. I remember when I first started teaching. I was 22. Public Education-Music teacher K-12. I was grateful for this job but I knew even at that time that a change in career choice was somewhere down my path. Somewhere and sometime that was not immediate. My goal was to be done teaching by year 15. I taught 500 + students each week for 12 years, every grade level, concert, musicals, competitions,curriculum development, department leader, and traveling minstrel.

And then one day I said, “I’m done.” And quit. HA! Seriously….that did not happen. That would have been too easy and looking back now I see how much learning and growing as a person I would have missed if I left any earlier than I did. About 3 years into teaching I started looking for something….anything that I could make my own. I had 3 criteria….have my own business from home, flexibility so that I could stay home w/ children, and have some variety (outdoors especially!). I found it (after about 3 years of really searching)….with alpacas. IT fit…so I quit….HA! ….that did not happen. We began the farm business in 2003 and we worked 2 full time jobs. Then we added our son….and worked the farm and 2 full time jobs…then we added another son. This time I stayed home on maternity leave….and after 3 years…I never went back. Official resignation was sent in April 2010…just as we were purchasing a larger farm (bigger mortgage)….. I thought I was going to throw up. That job was my security…my fall back…my ‘if I fail at this dream I still have something’…. but honestly it was not anything I wanted to go back to. So I jumped (with lots of support from my hubby). It was scary. It was hard…..but I had been preparing for that jump for 7 years. And 7 years is NOT immediate. I had taken steps over the course of those 7 years to move forward in a new direction. It wasn’t immediate. It was one change at a time. So now as I look forward to this years goals, I have to stop…. and look back… everything I experienced since day one in the classroom played a part in creating my dream…….my dream that I live everyday.