Alpaca Farm Consulting

With over 15 years experience in alpaca farming, Jody is a wealth of knowledge – and she’s here to help your farm reap the benefits!

Are you dreaming of taking the leap into the alpaca lifestyle? If you’re ready for the benefits it reaps, and the work it requires, call us for assistance in getting started. We know what you’re going through – we’ve been there. We took the leap, we worked through the transition, and our farm is running stronger than ever.

Already running your own alpaca farm, but need help in making it profitable? We’re here to help. Our farm consulting services will provide you with the expertise you need to identify your success, make sales (without sounding sales-y), and market your farm in a way that makes you and your herd shine!

Learn why my approach is so different.

  • Something needs to change but you’re not sure what?
  • New to the industry?
  • Things not turning out the way you intended?
  • Not comfortable with sales or negotiating?
  • Farm not generating the income you wanted?

We can help:

  • Restore self-confidence in your business development and growth
  • Identify your niche
  • Teach you techniques to manage and ‘work’ leads
  • Organize a pricing structure in a changing market
  • Create and implement a program that suits your goals
  • Create marketing plan specific to client goals
  • Organize a database of contacts/leads/ clients through referrals, phone calls, direct mail, email, and networking

We’ll also help by:

  • Acting as contact person for seller in regards to all sales/contracts/negotiations
  • Facilitating process of all negotiations and sales
  • Completing and provide copies of all sales contracts
  • Maintaining accurate records of all sales, contracts, and clients
  • Maintaining accurate financial records of all contracts/sales and monies exchanged

Terms of Service
*Depends on need and scope of involvement


You can also contact us for help with herd dispersal!

Are you nearing the end of your alpaca farming days? Ready for your next adventure? We provide assistance in herd evaluation, market analysis/herd value, and the management of your herd dispersal, working within your timeline to bring you the best dollar for your herd.

We offer:

One on one consulting


Herd retirement/dispersal management

*Pricing and Terms determined on case-by-case basis


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