Alpaca Farm Services

Shearing, Marketing, Consultations, Dispersal and more

Shearing Services

Our professional shearing service involves much more than shearing the animal.

Marketing and Sales

The most important direction is the one you decide to venture down because you have a ‘sense’ of where it’s going. Learn more about our marketing and sales service.

Farm Consultations

GRASP- goal setting, cost analysis, Buyers-where to find them, how to talk ‘sales’ w/o being salesy, How to price in a changing market and more.

Dispersal Manager

Retirement & Dispersal

A realistic approach to profitability.  Learn more

Alpaca Meats

Alpaca meat may seem new, but it is not.  People across the globe have been consuming alpaca meat for centuries.  Introducing Bridgeway Alpaca Co

Alpaca Fiber Socks

Alpaca fibers infused with precious metals for naturally odor free & antimicrobial comfort. Visit our Alpaca sock shop