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    Creating growth and sustainability throughout the Alpaca Industry.

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    Get connected to the people and resources you need in order to create growth and sustainability on your farm

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    Learn the importance and profitability of culling your herd.

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Making connections to provide growth and sustainability
to farms in the alpaca industry.


Guidance & Direction

Providing guidance, answering questions and connecting your farm to the resources that you need in order to continue to grow and create a sustainable farm.


Creating Sustainability

With a focus on sustainability and profitability for Alpaca farms we work with your farm to provide culling services with compassion and care.


Alpaca Services

If you’re done with lengthy, pricey experiences with shearers – cut the difficult process! Our professional alpaca shearing service will come to you. 

  • Chris is very professional, and while he is quick and efficient, he takes the time to look at each animal. He points out any potential problems that under normal circumstances you might not see or be aware of. This past May, I was really impressed how Chris handled the swarm of vet students that showed up to help. The students really wanted to be hands on, and Chris took the time to show them how to help hold, explained procedures, and worked with them the entire day.

    Chris is Very Professional
  • I have sorted/graded fiber for the past few years at a farm where Chris Hatch is the shearer. The fiber has always been shorn with a good size blanket that avoided belly fiber and had minimal if any second cuts. It has made my job so much easier!!!

    Chris Makes my Job Easier
  • Chris & Jody run a very professional operation, with Jody handling the bookings in a professional and organized manner and Chris doing a great job shearing the animals. I have used Chris for over five years, first he was just doing our cria shearing during the summer and now he shears our whole herd which was as high as 120 animals. Very pleased!

    Very Professional Operation

Making the Connections

With a passion for the Alpaca industry Jody has had the opportunity to work in many aspects of the industry as a successful owner of her own alpaca farm. Jody has worked with some of the top industry leaders and her vision has been to be able to make connections and provide growth and sustainability to farms in the alpaca industry.

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